Danny is a producer/engineer for live and recorded audio with a particular focus on vocal-driven projects.

Having studied multiple DAW's and Instruments from early age, Danny graduated with an Honours Bachelor's degree in Music Production from PointBlank Music School London and a summa cum laude Master's degree in creative media & technology at Berklee College of Music for his innovative work in immersive audio formats and Dolby Atmos Surround.


Producing/Engineering music - digital and analog - in the multi-dimensional space.

A Swiss Army knife doesn't make no MacGyver - and a couple EQP 1A3 no engineer. Creativity, can-do attitude and dedication does. My biggest passion is identifying tools and techniques for us to capture and propel your sound and vision.

Having worked in and out of many studios from London to Nashville, Danny cultivated close associations with studios in his current home base of New York City.

Artists Danny recorded or produced for and with include Jeff Redd, Jared Benjamin and members of the Mamma Mia Cast, Matchbox Twenty and Steely Dan.


Creative technology solutions bringing spatial/immersive sound into live music.

Approaching live shows with a studio mindset, Danny makes extensive use of inter-active mixing methods that define his signature sound in the control room. Often, with spectacular results.

Artists Danny mixed live include
E Street's Steve vanZandt,
Roger Taylor of Queen and acts
including the late's David Bowie Band.



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